Matrimony ID: SS3079
Nguyen Ngoc Truc (ID:T631408)
Gregory LEPAGE (ID:CM99217415)

I’m Gregory Lepage would like to find a true love at asiame.com. I came to this site for finding a soul mate who can share with me and go with me to the end of my life.

All the woman here, I find Truc right away. When I read her profile and look at her photo at first, it attracts me a lot. We started to contact on March of 19th. Truc can’t speak English so we use the help of translator here for communication. We talked everyday and shared anything in life. Truc sent me a lot of photos of her family and I can see that they’re a happy family with her loving parents and lovely kids.

With the help of this service and translator, we came closer day by day.

She’s the kind and family girl who I’m looking for. After 3 months, I decided to go to Vietnam and propose her because I don’t want to miss her. This is the first time I go to Vn. Truc and two translators picked up me at the airport. When I got to the airport, only Truc recognized me at the first time and my heart ran fast and fast when I met in person with the girl I love. I kissed on her cheek and she seemed to be shy, she looked so beautiful at that time and I will never forget that wonderful moment in my life.

We celebrated our wedding in her country on June of 6th following VN traditional custom. We didn’t go to restaurant but her relatives and neighbors help us everything in our wedding like cooking, decorating….so on and we didn’t sleep all night. That’s the wonderful moment in my life. I’ve come back to my country and applied the spouse visa to take her come here. Now, Truc gets pregnant. I don’t know how to express my happiness now. I’m so excited and happy.

Matrimony ID: SS2949
Watcharee Kantharak (ID:T818549)
Steve Verchota (ID:CM1213984)
The couple started talking from 10th October, 2010 till 4th November, 2010, and they have got married on 19th August 2011.
The lady is now applying for a visa and will be relocating to USA as soon as she’s got the visa.
Matrimony ID: SS3204
Natty Choichimphli (ID:P585938)
tony lloyd (ID:CM1244010)

Well this is a love story of Miss Natty(Mrs. Lloyd now) and Mr. Tony. They started to contact to each other after Tony send her a cupid note. Then he started to write her on July 7, 2011. They had been writing to each other every day also chat via our system. Tony also sent flower to show how much he would like to get to know and meet her.

On August 31, 2011 Tony made a trip to meet his dream girl for 1 week, he came with his dad. They had a great time together. Then they still write through the site sometimes when they need translator and they also talked on the phone. In February 2012 Tony had filed a tourist visa for Miss Natty to visit and see if she can live Australia with him. She had

been there for 3 months and they got along well, everyone in his family loves her. So they planned to have a wedding in October. When Natty came back from Australia, she was trying to set up the wedding.

Their wedding was held on October 7,2012. Now they are happy couple and waiting for visa of her and her daughter to immigrant to Australia.

Matrimony ID: SS3217
Jan Phoeiklang (ID:T501121)
Merv Underhill (ID:CM12420108)

This is about how we brought perfect couple together Mr. Merv Underhill and Miss Jan. Now she is Mrs. Underhill.

Mr. Underhill replied back to Mrs. Underhill’s admirer mail as soon as he saw her smile, at first he worried about age different but once they got to know each other by email and chat every day. He felt like he has found the right lady.

Then he made a trip to Thailand to meet his right lady. Mr. Underhill came for first visit on March 19, 2012. They spent 10 days together, he met her family and things went well at that time so he decided to filed visitor visa for her. They drove to Bangkok to apply for visa but it has denied

because they need more paperwork. So when Mr. Underhill went back for a month, he came back again with all paperwork but still cannot get visa for her. Then after a few days when they got all documents together finally her visa has approved.

She stayed in Australia got to know his family and friends. And she liked it there in early they were talking about married. Finally they got date set up on March 23, 2013. They came with his family and have a very lovely wedding. We had been invited to the wedding also and I have seen a very lovely couple. Now they are happy together in Australia and they plan to come back to Thailand as soon as she has immigrant visa.

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