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Asiawomendate.com is now the #1 trusted Asian dating platform which allows global members to be matched with compatible singles from Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeastern Asian countries, with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship.
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Why date Asian Women?
Why is Asian dating so popular today in western world? Because white men are attracted to (or addicted to) these sexy, cute, hot Asian girls. In fact, not just western men like Asian girls, almost all men in this planet would like to have an affair with these females, if they have a chance. However, as you know, it’s a long distance from western countries to Thailand or any other Asian countries, so it’s not that easy for western guys to meet Asian girls around the neighborhoods or at work, let alone getting a hot Thai girlfriend or beautiful Chinese bride. To meet this need, Asian dating sites emerge and helps foreign men find Asian love from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, China, Korea, Japan in a technological way. I have to say that Internet is such a great invention; it’s not just making convenient communications, but creates more love chances for single men and women in the world.
Success Stories
I came across my lovely now wife Natty on July 7th 2011. I now know this would turn out to be the luckiest day of my life. Natty and I first started writing and then started using the chat service.
I must admit that I was still a little skeptical about all this because in my mind I was still thinking how could such a beautiful young lady be attracted to an ordinary working man like me. Well after about a month we decided to meet in person. I traveled to Thailand and we met for dinner. She was even more beautiful in person. We had a great time together for 10 days and they were the happiest days of my life. I just could not believe how well we got along and how much we enjoyed each others company.

After my visit there we filed for a visa for her to visit me in Australia. She came here for 3 months and after that I just knew I had found the love of my life. I asked her to marry me and to my relief she said yes. We are now happily married and waiting on her and my new daughter (she has a daughter from a prior relationship) visa’s to come home to Australia. I just cannot thank you and your agencies for this wonderful gift you have given to me. This site may not work for everyone, but it sure worked for me. Again thank you so much for all your help and for making me a very happy man again. Thank you!
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