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Every Man Wants to Have An Affair with Asian Girls!

Why is Asian dating so popular today in western world? Because white men are attracted to (or addicted to) these sexy, cute, hot Asian girls. In fact, not just western men like Asian girls, almost all men in this planet would like to have an affair with these females, if they have a chance. However, as you know, it’s a long distance from western countries to Thailand or any other Asian countries, so it’s not that easy for western guys to meet Asian girls around the neighborhoods or at work, let alone getting a hot Thai girlfriend or beautiful Chinese bride. To meet this need, Asian dating sites emerge and helps foreign men find Asian love from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, China, Korea, Japan in a technological way. I have to say that Internet is such a great invention; it’s not just making convenient communications, but creates more love chances for single men and women in the world.

How to Flirt with These Asian Ladies Online?

Online dating helps singles find love and helps western men connect to Asian women. That’s really great. But when we westerners are excited to open a profile in an Asian dating site, problems come up again. What should I say to these Asian ladies? How do I make the girl interested in me? How to remove the culture barriers? Should I learn some Chinese or Thailand language to communicate with her? These questions can be very annoying but important when dating someone from different country. So how to date Asian girls smoothly and successfully? Here are some tips concluded from my personal experience. By the way, these tips are not limited to online flirting, but also suitable for face-to-face flirting with Thai girls or Chinese girls who you meet in a party or club.

Be Humble! Asian Women Like Gentlemen.

Never wrong to be a man with good manners. Conservative Asian women like him with self-deprecating humor. Its a given that traditional Asian women are not afraid to compliment, so if she tells you you’re really awesome or cool for wearing that new $70 Zanerobi t-shirt, it’s best to tell her as a joke that you’ve been wearing it for the past 3 days and she must be kissing your ass. Again, laughter will ensue because you’ve elected to show humility. This is really a key to attract Asian chicks.

Don’t Be Too Pushy!

Talk about possibilities and do not push for a date. Usually the deal breaker is being overaggressive and being pushy. This is what most foreigners have trouble with when it comes to Asian females. Always remember to give her a possibility of a future date.
Try to see things from an Asian woman’s eyes. She pretty much lives a very introverted life, or even if she had some social activities they’re probably not doorways to her meeting a boyfriend. If you “foreshadow” it, your Thai lady will imagine it and she will be the one wanting to say yes.
When you push for a date, she’ll immediately think of a yes or no answer. When you foreshadow not just one, but multiple dates as a possibility in her head, things change. Now she’s got all these beautiful things like having wine at the hotel bar, walking down the beach, trying Tai Chi for the first time, or going on a nice stroll down the park as options. Instead of you forcing the date, she will look at her schedule, free up a day and because you’ve established the vision, she’ll be excited to go with you.

Never Forget to Bribe Her Best Friends.

All girls have a small, close-knit group of friends and they like to stay together a lot.
Now I don’t mean you have to stay there and play Monopoly with everybody while watching a Korean Soap opera you don’t understand, but do spend some time with her friends. Again, maybe in other cultures its different, but conservative Asian women do VALUE friendship and closeness, and as much as possible want their best friends and lovers in the same “camp.”

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